Electrical Pressure | Sensor for Refrigeration Technology – Tecsis P3307


  • Medium wetted parts of stainless steel
  • Compact instrument size
  • No internal sealing elements
  • Highly resistance to shock and vibration
  • For dynamic or static measurements

The key strengths of the compact pressure sensors P3307 intended for refrigeration and air conditioning systems are their robustness and good long-term stability. Their attractive price level and technical specifications make them optimally suited to OEM applications.

A wide variety of electrical connections and pressure ports simplifies the adaptation to different applications. The pressure sensor is internationally certified and ready for global deployment.


  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Building automation
  • Test stand construction
  • Machine and apparatus construction


Standard output 4…20 mA; 2-wire technology
or 0…10 VDC; 3- wire technology
or 0.5…4.5 VDC; 3- wire technology
Measuring ranges -1 / 0…6 bar to -1 / 0…60 bar


Tecsis P3307 – Electrical Pressure – Sensor for Refrigeration Technology-DpstarGroup