Electrical Pressure | Submersible Pressure Measurement – Tecsis P3230 / P3233


  • Option: temperature measurement (Pt100)
  • Option: FEP cable
  • Option: lightning protection
  • Tensile strength of the cable up to 1000 N
  • PUR sheathed cable with inner ventilation
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel design
  • Protection type IP 68 (up to 300 m depth)
  • Compact design

The tecsis pressure sensors P3230 an P3233 for submersible measurement have been developed especially for use in liquids for hydrostatic level measurement. Due to the systematic use of stainless steel for the wetted parts, this sensor is suitable for the food industry without any restrictions. For measuring tasks in aggressive media a special version with FEP cable can be obtained.

A hermetically sealed stainless steel case with a protection type IP 68 allows the pressure sensor to be immersed down to a depth of 300 m. The inner vented connection cable makes pressure compensation of the measuring cell against the atmosphere possible and thus hydrostatic pressure measurement.


  • Potable water wells
  • Bore holes
  • Waste water plants
  • Containers
  • Flow water


Accuracy 0,25% and 0,5%
Standard signal 4…20 mA; 2-wire
or 0…20 mA; 3-wire
Gauge pressure positive 0…0,1 bar up to 0…25 bar


Tecsis P3230-P3233 – Electrical Pressure – Submersible Pressure Measurement-DpstarGroup