Electrical Pressure | With Digital Display – Tecsis P3961 / 3962


  • Accuracy: 0.5%
  • High overload protection
  • Internal lighting
  • MIN/MAX-memory
  • Password protection
  • Tara function
  • Bar graph display with a trailing pointer function
  • LC-Display with numerals 11 mm high
  • Fine step selection of nominal pressure ranges

The new DC400 digital manometer from tecsis is the ideal solution for a local, network-independent display. The integrated battery allows measurements to be made independent of a fixed source of power. Accuracy, reliability and extremely good mechanical loading capability are the outstanding characteristics of this product. Two versions of the DC400 are available (Model P3961 and P3962) for many different usage areas and applications.

The stepped measuring ranges extend from 2 bar up to the high pressure range of 700 bar. For pressure ranges above 50 bar, the casing and parts that come into contact with the measuring medium are made of stainless steel and thus resistant to attack from chemically aggressive media.

The additional integrated bar graph display with a trailing pointer function shows the trend in current working pressure directly. The model P3962 comprises a further 4 ½-digit display for a direct readout of peak value, tare and other parameters. Internal lighting ensures the display is optimally lit for a clear readout even in unfavourable lighting conditions. The buttons on the front are used for adjustment of the programmable parameters. The digital manometer meets electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) to EN 61326.


  • Mechanical, system and apparatus engineering
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Service and repair
  • Measuring equipment monitoring


Accuracy 0.50%
Measuring ranges -1…2 bar up to -1…10 bar
0…2 bar up to 0…700 bar


Tecsis P3961-3962 – Electrical Pressure With Digital Display-DpstarGroup