Electronic Pressure Switch – Huba 529 Series


  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Negligible temperature influence on accuracy
  • Large selection of connections available
  • Saving time by quick cable mounting by the customer with swift connector

The compact type 529 pressure switch is based upon the Huba Control developed unique ceramic technology used for the last 20 years in millions of applications. Switching points set in factory are available both N/C and N/O function. Various electrical and pressure connections are available to suit given applications.


Medium Liquids and gases
Pressure range -1 … 0 – 60 bar
Upper switching point 8 … 100% FS
Lower switching point 5 … 97% fs
Accuracy typ. < 0.3% fs
Electrical connection Swift connector, M12x1
Pressure connection Inside thread or outside thread


Huba Control 529 Electronic Pressure Switch -1 … 0 – 60 bar-DpstarGroup