Electronic Room Thermostat – Regin TMI-50


  • 230 V AC supply voltage
  • Change-over contact for control of heating or cooling
  • Contact rating 16 A, 230 V
  • Input for external sensor
  • Settable hysteresis, 1…10 K
  • Lockable setpoint wheel, 20…50°C

TM1-50 is an electronic room thermostat for wall mounting. The thermostat has settable hysteresis and a change-over relay output. It uses 230 V AC supply voltage.


TM1-50 is suitable for controlling cooling coils, fan heaters, fans, DX cooling, solenoid valves, fan-coil units etc. It is especially well suited for control of ventilation fans in elevator motor rooms, as well as in transformer rooms where adjustable hysterisis is often required.


The setpoint is set using the wheel on the side of the thermostat. In order to prevent tampering, the setpoint wheel can be locked by means of a locking screw under the cover. Mounting The thermostat has a hinged lid which is opened by pressing the locking torque at the bottom using a screwdriver. The thermostat has 60 mm screw pockets to enable mounting over an inset wall socket.

External sensor

An external sensor from Regin´s NTC-series can be connected if the thermostat cannot be mounted at the desired location.


Supply voltage 230 V AC ±15 %, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption 1 W
Ambient temperature 0…50°C
Storage temperature -40…+50°C
Ambient humidity Max. 90 % RH
Protection class IP30
Input External sensor Only for Regin’s NTC sensors (20…50°C). See Regin’s website for choice of sensors.
Output Relay One change-over contact, 230 V AC, 16 A, potential-free
      Setpoint 20…50°C
      Hysteresis 1…10 K
Color Signal white RAL 9003



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