Excel Data Acquisition Software – Lutron SW-E802


  • Microsoft Office Excel installed on PC is required.
  • Compatible with Microsoft OS Windows XP, Vista, WIN 7 and WIN 8.
  • With LUTRON RS232 converter RSC-801, SW-E802 can monitor multi-meters with multi-channels, 8 meters with 8 channels in maximum.
  • Real time data acquisition system. Timeline data can be recorded as year/date/min/sec.
  • Data sampling time: 1 to 3,600 seconds.
  • Data can be utilized in Excel with general Excel functions, ex. drawing the data charts

Excel Data Acquisition Software
Model : SW-E802

In order to log out the measurement data, some professional data logging softwares are required. However, it decreases the data management flexibility. SW-E802 can log out your measurement data on Microsoft Office Excel, which makes you much easier to share, analyze, and manage the measurement results.


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