Fibreglass Braided Sleeving – Relats Revitex VSR10


  • Highly flexible; will bend without flattening around a diameter less than 10 times its bore
  • Highly resilient: recover roundness after being flattened in minimum volume packing
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Very good fraying resistance when cut. Guillotine cut.
  • Nice touch and feel
  • Halogen free

Braided fiberglass sleeving impregnated with silicone varnish. This is a Class 250 electrical insulating sleeving. Sleeving provides air space insulation only.


This glass sleeving impregnated with silicone varnish is flexible and compatible with most impregnating varnish systems, it is an ideal thermal and electrical insulation in heaters and other devices with a very high operating temperature.


Insulation Model Diameter (ID) MM Max. Temperature Colour
Fiberglass Braided VSR10BC01 Ø 1 +300°C White
VSR10BC1M Ø 1.5
VSR10BC02 Ø 2
VSR10BC3M Ø 3.5
VSR10BC04 Ø 4
VSR10BC05 Ø 5
VSR10BC06 Ø 6
VSR10BC07 Ø 7
VSR10BC08 Ø 8
VSR10BC09 Ø 9
VSR10BC10 Ø 10
VSR10BC12 Ø 12
VSR10BC16 Ø 16
VSR10BC20 Ø 20
VSR10BC22 Ø 22
VSR10BC25 Ø 25


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