Fire Resistant Offshore Instrumentation 250v Individually Screened – BFOU(i) S3/S7


– Maximum service temperature: 90ºC
– Fire non-propagation
– Mud resistance NEK TS 606
– Low smoke emission: Light transmittance > 60%
– Low corrosive gases emission
– Mechanical stress impact: AG3.High severity
– Water resistance: AD4 splashes
– UV-resistant
– Electromagnetically protection
– Operation secured according to IEC 60331



BFOU(I) S3/S7 is used in fixed installations for control, instrumentation and telecommunication in both explosion and safe areas, in emergency and critical systems where requirement for fire resistance exists. The cable is also used for installations in areas exposed to mud and drilling or cleaning fluids.


Conductor Circular tinned stranded Cu, class 2
Insulation Fire resistant Mica tape helically applied over the conductors
Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR).
Color coded cores twisted together to form a pair/triad.
Screen Every pair/triple is screened with copper backed polyester tape in contact with a stranded tinned copper drain wire, wrapped with polyester tape. Pairs/triples are identified by printed numbers on insulated conductors.
Armour Tinned annealed copper wire braid
Filling sheath Flame retardant and halogen free compound.
Outer sheath Flame retardant, halogen free and mud resistant thermoset compound acc. To SHF MUD, grey (if intrinsically safe blue)


BFOU(i) S3-S7 – Fire Resistant Offshore Instrumentation 250V Individually Screened-DpstarGroup