Float Switch | Float Sensor | Float Level Switch – Maltec-F MTF Magnetic Float Level Switch


  • Simple installation
  • Long electric service life due to sealed contacts
  • High-degree of operational reliability with air gap between guide tube and floats
  • Installation in top or bottom of vessel
  • Several levels can be monitored with one float
  • Open/close function changeover contact available

MALTEC-F MTF Float Switches (Standard)

Maltec-F MTF Magnetic Float Level Switch is a magnetic float level switch product line based upon two principles, buoyancy and magnetism. The floats of the Maltec-F MTF magnetic float level switch are designed for a specific minimum fluid density (specific gravity), based upon the volume and weight of the float elements. The floats contain a magnet and the stationary stem can incorporate the reed switches corresponding to each float. The reed switches open or close their electrical contacts when the magnetic element in the floats come in contact with the reed switch locations in the stem. The reed switches will reverse their contact state when the magnet in the float element moves away from the location of the reed switches in the stem. The Maltec-F MTF float level switch is more cost-effective than competing technologies when multiple switch points are required from a single point of entry in a vessel.

Common Specifications

  • Aluminium terminal head
  • All wetted parts 316 stainless steel
  • Multiple point liquid magnetic float level switch customized to your application
  • Operating temperature -55 deg C -/+150 deg C
  • High current rating
  • Common option: 316 stainless Steel or plastics terminal head
  • 1″ table ‘D’ flange or 1″ BSP plug
  • Switching voltage: 250 VAC/200 VDC
  • Switching current: 1 AMP AC/DC
  • Switching power: 30W AC/DC
  • Minimum voltage breakdown: 430 VDC

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, please contact Dpstar today. We are able to  provide custom-built models for special applications or placement on existing facilities and would be more than happy to help you find the right solution!


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