Freezstop Micro | Self-Regulating Heaters – Heat Trace FSM


  • Automatically adjusts heat output in response to increasing or decreasing pipe temperature.
  • Suitable for use in safe, hazardous and corrosive areas.
  • Can be cut-to-length.
  • Available up to 277VAC.
  • Inherently temperature safe.
  • Full range of controls and accessories available.

Freezstop Micro is an industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that can be used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels. It is particularly suited to small diameter pipes and instrument tubing such as impulse or analyser lines. It can be cut-to-length at site to match exact piping lengths without any complicated design considerations. Freezstop Micro is approved for use in non-hazardous, and hazardous areas to world wide standards. Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability.

Freezstop Micro will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself. Its power output self-regulates in response to the pipe temperature. Freezstop Micro is available with a corrosion resistant thermoplastic outer jacket (FSM-CT) and when greater corrosion resistance is required a fluoropolymer outer jacket (FSM-CF). The installation of Freezstop Micro is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. Termination, splicing and power connection components are all provided in convenient kits.



Heat Trace FSM – Freeze Stop Micro | Self Regulating Heating Cable-DpstarGroup


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