Frequency Inverter – Siemens SINAMICS G110 Series


  • Easy to install, parameterize and commission
  • Rugged EMC design
  • Comprehensive range of parameters enabling configuration for a wide range of applications
  • Simple cable connection
  • Scaleable functionality due to analog and USS variants
  • High pulse frequencies for low-noise motor operation
  • Status information and alarm messages with the optional Basic Operator Panel (BOP)
  • Time saving parameter cloning with optional Basic Operator Panel (BOP)
  • External options for PC communications and Basic Operator Panel (BOP)
  • Careful handling of the machine mechanical system due to a skip frequency band in case of resonance, parameterizable ramp up/ramp down times up to 650 s, ramp smoothing, as well as bringing the inverter into circuit on turning motor (flying start)
  • Increasing the installation availability by automatic restart facility following power failure or fault
  • Fast current limit (FCL) for trip-free operation in case of sudden load changes
  • Fast, repeatable digital input response time for fast reaction applications

SINAMICS G110 is a frequency inverter with basic functions for a variety of industrial variable-speed drive applications. The particularly compact SINAMICS G110 inverter operates with voltage frequency control on single-phase supplies (200 V to 240 V). It is the ideal low-cost frequency inverter solution for the lower power range of the SINAMICS family.

Area of application

SINAMICS G110 is especially suited for use with pumps and fans, or as a drive in various industrial sectors, such as the food, textile and packaging industries, as well as for conveyor systems, factory gate and garage door drives, and as a universal drive for moving billboards.