Frequency Inverters – Siemens Micromaster 430


  • Easy, guided start-up
  • Modular construction allows maximum configuration flexibility
  • Low-noise motor operation thanks to high pulse frequencies, adjustable (observe derating if necessary)
  • Protection for motor and inverter
  • Detects dry run of pumps (belt failure detection)
  • Low-energy mode
  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • Automatic restart facility following power failure or fault
  • High-grade internal PID controller for simple process control
  • Special direct connection for PTC or KTY to protect the motor
  • Inverter overtemperature protection

The Micromaster 430 inverter is suitable for a variety of variable-speed drive applications. Its flexibility provides for a wide spectrum of applications. It is especially suitable for use with industrial pumps and fans. The inverter is especially character­ized by its customer-oriented performance and ease-of-use. It has more inputs and outputs than the MICROMASTER 420, an optimized operator panel with manual/automatic switchover, and adapted software functionality. It has a modular design. The operator panels and communication modules can be easily exchanged.