Fuel Filler Security – Aplisens BAK-Q80, BAK-Q60 Series


Filler security Q80 and Q60 is a control device that protects and monitors fuel fillers in power units’ fuel tanks.


Structure and Operation

BAK-Q80 and BAK-Q60 both work by controlling the presence of the transponder, situated in the fuel plug, over the “PLUG MODULE” mounted in the tank’s filler. The system interprets unscrewing the plug as a change in output state or sabotage, cutting the cable through loss of signal on communication cord. The cord can be connected to the monitoring system and/or “CABIN SIGNALLING DEVICE MODULE”. The “CABIN SIGNALLING DEVICE MODULE” notifies of the plug having been unscrewed (the cable having been cut – sabotage) with a LED diode and a beeper in the driver’s cabin. It can be connected to the monitoring system that records all events. Optionally, ”CABIN SIGNALLING DEVICE MODULE” operates with SILENT OPENING feature (unscrewing the plug is not signaled with a beep in the cabin) and ALERT MEMORY feature (information of unscrewing the plug is stored when the driver is not present in the cabin). “CABIN SIGNALLING DEVICE MODULE” generates two types of signals for unscrewing the plug: normal opening NO and normal connection NC. All signals are generated in OC type (opened collector). ”ANTITHEFT STRAINER MODULE” is a pipe with perforated walls and bottom. The shape of the bottom and size of holes have been fitted so as not obstruct the filling operation while protecting against theft. ”ANTI-THEFT STRAINER MODULE” is an integral part of ”PLUG MODULE” and is mounted during production.


Aplisens BAK-Q80, BAK-Q60 Fuel filler security type-DpstarGroup