Fuel Level Probe – Aplisens CS-27/RS/U Series


  • Measuring range 0÷800 mm H2O
  • Ministry of Transport Type Approval

The CS-27 Fuel level probe is used to measure fuel level in the tanks of motor vehicles, working machines and locomotives. The probes have been officially approved by the Ministry of Transport.

Structure and Operation

The measurement of fuel level with the CS-27 probe is performed with the use of a simple relation between the height of liquid column and the produced hydrostatic pressure. The probe is composed of two parts: the sensing element and the electronic element, placed inside a steel rod, and aluminum housing. The steel rod is fixed to an aluminum housing which may be sealed. The measuring element is a piezoresistive sensor, separated from the medium by a separating membrane. Pressure measuring is performed at the membrane of the submerged probe (5 mm above tank bottom). Depending on the type of tank (pressurized or non-pressurized tank), pressure measuring is related either to atmospheric pressure or pressure inside the tank.


Aplisens CS-27-RS-U Fuel Level Probe type-DpstarGroup