Glass Filled Nylon & Liquid Crystal Polymer Connectors – Omega HMPW/SMPW Series


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Color-Coded for ANSI and IEC
  • Captive Cover Screws
  • Accepts Stranded or Solid Wire up to Size 20 AWG
  • Quick Connect Contact
  • Washers
  • Internal Wire Divider
  • Combination Phillips/Slot Screws
  • Type HMPW Environmentally Friendly Cadmium-Free

Dpstar is a professional thermocouple supplier in Malaysia. We provide a wide range of top quality connectors assemblies for industrial and production to serve all your business needs. Your One-Stop Source for Leading Brands of Test, Measuring Tools and Equipment. Quality Assurance, Excellent Service, and Your Best Choice!

SMPW thermocouple connectors are mini size flat 2 pin TC connectors designed to connect temperature sensor instrumentation and a temperature controller or process control HMI automation panel. Male 2 pole TC plugs and matched female 2 prong TC jack pairs are stock items. Standard size round pin OSTW plugs, jacks and thermocouple TC connectors are also available – see related products below. Accessories for wire, crimp, cable clamp, grommet and strain relief are in the accessories link. SMPW is manufactured as a form fit replacement for the legacy SMP model.

Installation Note: for HMPW-x-F
When using the rivet hole as a hold down point the maximum screw size is 3-48-NC or M2.5 x .45
Maximum Torque Value is 2 pounds-force inch or .230 kilogram-force meter .

  • Type SMPW Glass Filled Nylon
    -29 to 180°C (-20 to 356°F) Service Temperature
  • Type HMPW Liquid Crystal Polymer
    -29 to 260°C (-20 to 500°F) Service Temperature



Note: SMPW only. Minor discoloration of connector may occur between 150°C (302°F) and 180°C (356°F). Electrical properties are not affected.



To Order
Compensating Alloy
Used in Connector
Shell Color Glass-Filled Nylon
Model Number w/Window
Liquid Crystal Polymer
Model Number w/Window
T Copper Constantan Blue SMPW-T-(*) HMPW-T-(*)
J Iron Constantan Black SMPW-J-(*) HMPW-J-(*)
E CHROMEGA® Constantan Purple SMPW-E-(*) HMPW-E-(*)
R/S Copper RNX/SNX Green SMPW-R/S-(*) HMPW-R/S-(*)
G GPX GNX Red/Green SMPW-G-(*) HMPW-G-(*)
D DPX DNX Red/White SMPW-D-(*) HMPW-D-(*)
U Copper Copper White SMPW-U-(*) HMPW-D-(*)
N OMEGA-P® OMEGA-N® Orange SMPW-N-(*) HMPW-D-(*)

*To order, specify “M” for male connector only, or “F” for female connector only.
†J, K, T, E, R, S and B are ANSI designations. OMEGALLOY® is generically known as Nicrosil-Nisil. ANSI color coded models shown.
Note: Non-Window models available, please consult Sales for details.
Type U (uncompensated) connectors are used with Type B thermocouples (Pt/6%Rh-Pt/30%Rh).
Ordering Examples: SMPW-K-M, glass-filled nylon, Type K male connector. SMPW-K-F, glass-filled nylon, Type K female connector.


Omega HMPW-SMPW Series – Glass Filled Nylon & Liquid Crystal Polymer Connectors_DpstarGroup


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