Green Mark High Accuracy Temperature Sensor – Maltec-T TX-25


  • Tailor made for HVAC application
  • Assembled with vibration-proof
  • Open-ended threaded thermowell for fast response and reliable sensor
  • Manufactured as per SS591 (GREEN MARK STANDARD)
  • PT100, 1/10 (±0.03°C at 0°C) accuracy – IEC751
  • NTC Thermistor 10K, ±0.05°C (0 to 50°C) accuracy and also available variance coefficients (A, B, C) upon request

Dpstar Group is the largest manufacturer of thermocouples based in Malaysia. We design and manufacture a complete line of high-quality standard and custom temperature sensors including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermowells and float switches as well as wide selection of temperature accessories. Through our engineering capabilities and 30 years of experience, our trademark brand Maltec-T is the only CE certified manufacturer for thermocouples in Malaysia. With extensive experience, unique technology and hard commitment, we become one of the best quality suppliers in temperature sensors field. We offer a full range of design services to provide you with the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Maltec-T TX-25 is resistance thermometer designed for HVAC application. Exposed sensor tip will allow to get faster response from the process temperature and temperature readings are even more accurate based in sensor type. Thermowell will protect the sensor tip to get better accuracy at stable position rather than the vibration which can be occurred due to certain noise level of environment. It will also support the running process at certain period of changing sensor and test plug will play the essential role for thermowell to prevent the particles coming from outside of process into the thermowell during the absent of sensor.


  • Stainless Steel Test Plug, max pressure 1000 psi (Brass Test Plug available upon request)
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve, max pressure 1000psi

Standard Lead Wire

All standard RTD sensor is stranded as Teflon insulation. Teflon insulated leads are rated at 200 °C Maximum.

Connection Head Type

Recommended to use polypropylene material rather than die cast aluminium in order to prevent heat loss which will cause when it is passing through the housing. Standard colour for polypropylene is white and die cast aluminium head is available as either blue or silver upon requested.

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