High Accuracy Dual Channel Wireless Ultra Low Temperature Cryogenic Vaccine Data Logger – Lascar EL-MOTE-DULT+


  • Measurement range -100 to +100°C (-148 to +212°F)
  • High accuracy T-type probe on 2m cable
  • Records and uploads temperature data to the EasyLog Cloud
  • Access live temperature data via any Internet Browser or the EasyLog Cloud App
  • Set up alarm options for temperature zone breaches – email alerts, beeper alarms or LED flash alerts
  • Battery life of up to 2 years

The EL-MOTE-DULT+ is designed to monitor vaccines in cryogenic dry ice storage. Products in the EL-MOTE range are simple to set-up and easy to use. Download the EasyLog Cloud App and set-up a device in minutes over your WiFi network. After set-up, the device can be placed anywhere within range of the WiFi network, continually monitoring and recording your data to the EasyLog Cloud. Access your data on any Internet Browser or the EasyLog Cloud App, enabling you to monitor the temperature of your chosen location from anywhere at any time.

EL-MOTE devices can be programmed with high and low temperature alarm zones. If a temperature zone is breached, an alarm will be activated. Alarm options include: email alerts (which can be sent to one or multiple email addresses), beeper sound alarms, and LED flash alerts. EL-MOTE devices can be powered using the supplied batteries or a mains adapter (sold separately), and are provided with a wall mountable bracket for installation. With EasyLog’s brand new range of smart probe enabled data loggers, such as the EL-MOTE-DULT+, there is no need to take your product out of action and send it away for re-calibration for what can often be weeks. When it comes time to re-calibrate your data logger, simply order a new pre-calibrated smart probe, which you can immediately swap in for your old one.



Measurement Range -100 to +100°C (-148 to +212°F)
Accuracy ±1.8°C (±3.2°F) typical
Dimensions (logger) 93 x 93 x 32mm (3.7 x 3.7 x 1.3″)
Dimensions (probe) 300 x Ø1.5mm x 1m cable (11.8 x Ø0.06″ x 39.4″ cable)
Battery Life Up to 2 years


Lascar EL MOTE DULT High Accuracy Dual Channel Wireless Ultra Low Temperature Cryogenic Vaccine Data Logger_DpstarGroup