High Accuracy Liquid Bath – Calsys 250


  • Large Immersion Depths
  • Wide Operating Range (50 to 250°C)
  • High Stability and Uniformity
  • PC interfacing
  • Simple to use and cost-effective
  • Portability

Dpstar Group is a Malaysia calibration equipment supplier specializing in temperature calibrators and process calibrators. Dpstar offers a complete range of temperature calibration types of equipment for calibration of Contact Type Sensors (Thermocouple, RTD).

Our calibrators are Portable, Lightweight, Highly Stable Temperature calibrators for Industrial/ Laboratory Field Use. Dpstar’s Compact Temperature Calibrator is an extremely effective instrument that will live up to all your expectations. This is a fast, timesaving, and reliable true industrial temperature calibrator designed for On-Site use.

Provide superior thermal environment for probe immersion as no air gap exist between the probe and the medium Thermal coupling is therefore much better than the alternatives described, and the stirring results in very even heat distribution throughout the medium. Methanol is used for temperature below 0°C, water from 0 to 80°C, and silicon oil for up to 250°C. We have seven types of liquid baths given below.

Calsys 250 calibration bath is a highly stable standard stirred liquid bath for calibrating RTDs / Thermocouples and other temperature sensors in the laboratory. The temperature of the bath is set and controlled by a self-tuned PID controller with automatic super fine adjustment. The unique feature is portability with very high stability and uniformity. The medium used in the bath is silicon oil.


Temperature Range  50 to 250°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Stability ±0.015°C at 50°C
±0.025°C at 150°C
±0.05°C at 250°C
Uniformity ±0.02°C at 50°C
±0.04°C at 150°C
±0.06°C at 250°C
Controlling Sensor Precision PRT (PT-100)
Method of control Digital Self Tuned PID Controller
Time to Reach Min. Temperature 2 Hrs
Medium of Heating Silicon Oil
Controlling Sensor PT-100
Time to Reach Max Temperature 30 Mins
Computer Interface RS – 232
Operating Temperature 20 to 25°C
Power Requirement 230 VAC, 1.0 KW
Dimensions 360(H) x 185(W) x 285(D) mm
Access Opening 90 mm Dia
Depth 140 mm
Removable Insert Construction  6 holes of 15 mm Dia
Instrument Weight  12 Kg (without packing)
Volume  900 ml
Wetted Parts  Aluminium


Calsys 250 High Accuracy Liquid Bath-DpstarGroup


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