High Stability Bath – Calsys -80/50


  • Large Immersion Depths
  • High Accuracy
  • High Stability and Uniformity
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • PC Interface
  • Simple to use and Cost effective

Dpstar Group is a Malaysia calibration equipment supplier specializing in temperature calibrators and process calibrators. Dpstar offers a complete range of temperature calibration types of equipment for calibration of Contact Type Sensors (Thermocouple, RTD).

Our Liquid Bath temperature calibrator provides a superior thermal environment for probe immersion as no air gap exists between the probe and the medium. Methanol is used for temperatures below 0°C, water from 0 to 80°C, and silicon oil for up to 250°C.

Calsys -80/50 is a Highly Stable Stirred Liquid Bath for Calibration RTD / Thermocouple and also for compensation of cold junction. CALsys -80/50 offers the temperature range of -80 to 50°C. It has large tank which is filled with liquid Methanol. The liquid is heated or cooled to the desired temperature. It has better stability & uniformity than dry block bath and as it uses of stirred liquid. This CALsys -80/50 is built using CFC free refrigerants.


Temperature Range -80 to 50°C
Stability ±0.04°C at -80°C
±0.07°C at 0°C
±0.05°C at 50°C
Uniformity ±0.05°C at -80°C
±0.09°C at 0°C
±0.07°C at 50°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Time to Reach Min. Temperature 2 Hrs
Medium Methanol
Controlling Sensor  PT100
Volume 9 Ltr.
Access Opening 120 x 120 mm
Depth 200 mm
Method of control Digital self tuned PID Controller
Emissivity 0.95 ±0.01
Computer Interface RS – 232
Operating Temperature 20 to 25°C
Power Requirement 230 VAC, 2.0 KW
Dimensions 630 (W) x 1200(H) x 500 (D)mm
Instrument Weight 100 Kg


Calsys -80/50 High Stability Bath-DpstarGroup


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