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  • Automatically adjusts heat output in response to increasing or decreasing pipe temperature.
  • Can be cut-to-length.
  • Inherently temperature safe.
  • Eliminates the need for return pipework and re-circulating pumps.
  • Available up to 277VAC.
  • Full range of controls and accessories available.

HotWat is an industrial/commercial grade self-regulating heating cable designed to compensate for the heat losses from hot water distribution systems. When hot taps are infrequently used, the water resiidng in the distribution pipework cools ans is usually run to watse before hot water from the storage cylinder arrives at the tap. HotWat will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself. Its power output self-regulates in response to the pipe temperature. Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability.

By applying HotWat to the pipework (beneath the thermal insulation), heatlosses are eliminated and the water is maintained at the required temperature. Further savings are achieved by removing the recirculating pipework together with pumps and valves. The installation of HotWat is quick and simple and the cable can be cut to match the exact length of the pipework. It requires no special skills or tools. Termination, splicing and power connection components are all provided in convenient kits.



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