Vaisala HMDW110 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter


  • Accurate humidity and temperature transmitters for measurements in HVAC and cleanroom applications.
  • Outdoor transmitter with professional-grade radiation shield.
  • Proven HUMICAP 180R sensor for superior long-term stability.
  • ±2 %RH accuracy.
  • 3-point traceable calibration (certificate included).
  • On-site calibration with Handheld Meter HM70 or Vaisala Insight PC software.
  • Current (4 … 20 mA) or Modbus RTU output variants.

Dpstar is a leader in environmental and industrial measurements. Curiosity and innovation are core values in our company. Our extensive knowledge and expertise are materialized in our selection of innovative products. Accurate measurements are essential for healthy indoor air and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. The unique, cutting-edge Dpstar sensor technologies are manifested throughout our versatile range of products. The transmitters have an exceptionally long lifetime and excellent measurement stability, thus being practically maintenance-free. These are among the many reasons why Dpstar’s products are a sustainable choice.

HUMICAP Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMDW110 is suitable for relative humidity, dew-point, enthalpy, wet-bulb temperature, and temperature measurement in demanding HVAC applications. The series includes transmitters for duct mounting, IP65-classified wall transmitters, and outdoor transmitters with integrated radiation shields. The cost-efficient HMDW110 series transmitters are equipped with trusted HUMICAP 180R sensors. The sensor’s superior long-term stability minimizes maintenance needs throughout the transmitter’s lifetime. The most popular control parameters in free cooling – dew point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, and enthalpy – are available as output parameters. The transmitters come with a calibration certificate. 5-year warranty is valid for instruments purchased in 2021 and beyond.

The HMD110 and HMW110 transmitters can be ordered with a catalytic HUMICAP sensor 180V. The catalytic sensor improves stability especially in hydrogen peroxide sterilized environments where repeated condensation is expected. Transmitters can be installed into difficult-to-reach locations, while measurement data can be read from a more convenient spot.

The following models are available:

  • HMW110 Wall-mount, RH+T 2-wire, current output, IP65, Configurable model
  • HMW112Wall-mount, RH+T 2-wire, current output, IP65
  • HMD110 Duct-mount, RH+T 2-wire, current output, IP65, Configurable model,
  • HMD112 Duct-mount, RH+T 2-wire, current output, IP65
  • HMS110 Outdoor, RH+T 2-wire, current output, Radiation shield, IP65, Configurable model
  • HMS112 Outdoor, RH+T


HMW110/112 RH+T transmitters for measurements in wet areas.

HMD110/112 RH+T transmitters for ducts.

HMS110/112 RH+T transmitters for outdoor measurements.


  • Unrivaled Outdoor Humidity Measurements
    An integrated radiation shield enables unrivaled measurement performance. It reduces the impact of the sunshine on temperature and humidity measurements and ensures measurement accuracy in outdoor conditions. The most popular control parameters in free cooling – dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, and enthalpy – are available as output parameters.
  • Well-Suited for Cleanroom Monitoring
    The HMD110 transmitter can be ordered with a catalytic HUMICAP sensor HUMICAP 180V. The catalytic sensor improves stability especially in
    hydrogen peroxide sterilized environments where repeated condensation is expected.
  • On-site calibration
    On-site calibration with HM70 Hand-Held Meter or PC connection.



Model Number Type Output Special Features Ingress Protection
HMW110  Wall-mount, RH+T  2-wire current or Modbus RTU output Configurable model (1) IP65
HMW112 Wall-mount, RH+T  2-wire current output IP65
HMD110 Duct-mount, RH+T 2-wire current or Modbus RTU output Configurable model (1) IP65
HMD112 Duct-mount, RH+T 2-wire current output IP65
HMS110 Outdoor, RH+T 2-wire current or Modbus RTU output Radiation shield, configurable model (1) IP65
HMS112 Outdoor, RH+T 2-wire current output Radiation shield IP65
(1) Delivered with customer specific output settings, including calculated humidity parameters and custom scaling of outputs.
Relative Humidity
Measurement range 0 … 100 %RH
Accuracy(1) at +10 … +30 °C (+50 … +86 °F)  ±2 %RH (0 … 90 %RH)
±3 %RH (90 … 100 %RH)
at −20 … +10 °C, +30 … +60 °C
(−4 … +50 °F, +86 … +140 °F)
±3 %RH (0 … 90 %RH)
±4 %RH (90 … 100 %RH)
at −40 … −20 °C (−40 … −4 °F)  ±4 %RH (0 … 100 %RH)
Stability in typical HVAC applications  ±0.5 %RH/year
Humidity sensor types HUMICAPâ 180R
Measurement range −40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F)
Accuracy at +20 °C (+68 °F) ±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F)
Temperature dependence ±0.01 °C/°C
Temperature sensor Pt1000 RTD Class F0.1 IEC 60751
Calculated Parameters
Measurement range for dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature −40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F)
Measurement range for enthalpy −40 … +460 kJ/kg
(−17 … +198 BTU/lb)
Accuracy at +20 °C (+68 °F) and 80 %RH (2) Dew point ±0.7 °C (1.2 °F)
Wet bulb temperature ±0.5 °C (0.9 °F)
Enthalpy ±1.6 kJ/kg (0.7 BTU/lb)
Factory calibration uncertainty at +20 °C (+68 °F) ±1.5 %RH/±0.2 °C
(1) With HUMICAPâ 180V sensor, accuracy is not specified below −20 °C (−4 °F) operating temperature.
(2) Accuracy of the calculated parameters should be calculated at the actual condition based on the RH and temperature specification.
Operating Environment (All Models)
Operating temperature −40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F)
Operating humidity 0 … 100 %RH
Maximum wind/flow speed 30 m/s
Storage temperature −40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F)
Electromagnetic compliance EN61326-1, Industrial Environment
Inputs & Outputs
Devices Ordered with Analog Output Outputs 4 … 20 mA, loop-powered
Loop resistance 0 … 600 Ω
Supply voltage 20 … 28 VDC at 600 Ω load
10 … 28 VDC at 0 Ω load
Devices Ordered with Modbus Output Interface RS-485, not isolated, no line termination
Default serial settings 19200 bps N 8 2
Protocols Modbus RTU
Supply voltage 10 … 28 VDC
Spare Parts and Accessories
Conduit fitting + O-ring (M16 × 1.5 /NPT1/2″) 210675SP
Conduit fitting + O-ring (M16 × 1.5 / PG9, RE-MS) 210674SP
Fastening set HMS110 237805
Fastening flange assembly (screws included) ASM210771SP
Porous PTFE filter DRW239993SP
Membrane filter ASM210856SP
Terminal block, blue 236620SP
USB cable for PC connection 219690
Connection cable for HM70 handheld meter 219980SP
HUMICAP 180V sensor (catalytic) HUMICAP180V
Mechanical Specifications
Maximum wire size 1.5 mm2 (AWG 16)
Standard housing color White (RAL9003)
Housing material PC + 10 %GF (UL-V0 approved)


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