Ohkura RM10C(PH) – Hybrid Recorder


  • Automatic buffer calibration
  • Short case depth size of 174mm
  • P65: dust-proof, water-proof
  • Wide led with 18mm heights display
  • Allows user-selected consumables
  • RS-232C communication interface in standard specifications
  • Weights only 2.0kg
  • Optional portable housing case available
Ohkura RM10C(PH) – Hybrid Recorder is a 100mm calibrated hybrid recorder designed with a compact 144×144 DIN front panel and housed in a case with a short depth of 174mm.


Input signal
        Sensor input 1
Glass electrode (pH) or ORP electrode
        Temperature compensation input 1kΩ, 350Ω, 500Ω, 6.8kΩ, 10kΩ, none (25°C constant)
        Range: Sensor Input Glass electrode: ± 0.5V
(0 ~ 14pH)
ORP electrode ± 2000mV
        Scaling: Sensor input Glass electrode 0 ~ 14pH
(4pH width min.)
ORP electrode ± 2000mV
(400mV width min.)
Temperature compensation input
-10 ~ 110°C
        Input sampling Sensor input: 200ms
Temperature compensation input: 1s
        Linearity ± 0.03pH (± 3mV)
        Repeatability ± 0.02 pH (± 1mV)
        Dead band Within 0.2%
        Allowable signal source resistance 1000MΩ max. in Glass electrode terminal
        Common mode reduction ratio 100dB min. (50/60 ± 0.1Hz)
        Isolation resistance 0.5kV DC 20MΩ min. between the each terminal and grounding terminal
        Dielectric strength 1.5kV AC for 1 minute between power terminal and grounding terminal. 0.5kV AC for 1 minute between input terminal and grounding terminal.
        Vibration resistance 10 ~ 60Hz 1m/s2 max
        Shock resistance 2m/s2 max
        Clock precision ± 50ppm max
        Chart feed accuracy ± 0.1% max
        Mounting Panel -mount
Allowable backward inclination: Within 30 °
        Material (Color)
Case—-Polycarbonate(Black),Glass 10% UL94-V2
Door frame—-Polycarbonate,UL94-V2(Clear)
Door: Dust-Proof,Water-Proof
(complies with the IEC529-IP65)
Power Supply Voltage
        Power voltage (rated) 100 ~ 240V AC
        Power voltage 85 ~ 264V AC
        Frequency (rated) 50/60Hz
        Frequency 45 ~ 65Hz
        Power consumption 20VA max. (at 100VAC)
30VA max. (at 240 VAC)
Normal Operating Conditions
        Ambient temperature 0 ~ 50°C
        Ambient humidity 20 ~ 80%RH
        Supply voltage 85 ~ 264V AC
        Frequency 45 ~ 65Hz
Alarm (Relay output is optional)
        Outputs 2 point
        Alarm types 2 types (H, L)
        Contact point capacity 2point ( a contact) (option)
30V AC, 3A max. loaded;
DI function
        Chart Feed Start/Stop Close: Starts
Open: Stops
        Change Chart Speed Close: Chart speed 1
Open: Chart speed 2
        Comment Print Prints programmed characters (up
to 12 characters per line)
        Manual Print Close: Start to print
        Date and Time Print Close: Start to print
* Up to 3 functions among above can be selected in one recorder.
        Resolution 12bit
        Output 4~20mA DC
        Load resistance 600Ωmax
Communication interface: RS-232C
        Baud rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (bps)
        Type of code 7-bit, 8-bit
        Error detection Vertical parity check and byte addition
BCC, time monitor
        Start bit 1-bit, fixed
        Stop bit 1-bit or 2-bit
        Transmitted data Channel data, Clock data


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