Hybrid Recorder – Ohkura RM10G/RM10N


  • Contact free feedback potentiometer and input selector
  • Both trend & data logging printouts
  • Dielectrics strength of 2000v between power input and ground
  • Abundance of printout function
  • Individual scale plate
  • Introduction of dc brushless motor by this, the durableness, and the faster response of pen recorder can be assured.
  • Wide range of power supply voltage
  • Optional IC card

The RM10G and RM10N are hybrid recorder allows digital printout on analog trend or pen traces on 100 mm wide chart paper. The RM10G offers 152 x 152 mm din size panel and the RM10N replaces former model RE10 recorder.


Number of inputs 1,2,3,4 pen, 6 dot point
Type of input
        DC Voltage 4mVDC min., 20VDC max
        Direct thermocouple K, T, J, E, B, S, R, G, C, N,
PR40- 20,PLII,U,L,Au-Fe
        RTD Pt100Ω,Pt50Ω,JPt100Ω, Cu10Ω (at 0°C), Cu10Ω (at 25Ω)
        Current 4 ~ 20mA
        Conductivity 100μS/m ~ 2000mS/m
Recording width 100mm calibrated
Recording accuracy ± 0.5% max.
Open input protection (option) Up scale with mV or TC
Chart speed 1, 2, 3 & 4 pen model; 1 ~ 3600mm/h
6 point model; 1 ~ 1800mm/h
Chart paper Fold chart standard, 12m long, 114mm width
Data print color Purple (Red on alarm:dot type)
Dot print interval 5 s/ch
Input sampling 120 msec. in pen model, 5 s/ch in dot
point model
Cartridge pen Disposable felt pen
Print head Pen models; Wire dot 1 color ribbon cartridge,
Dot point models; 6 color ribbon cartridge
Alarm 6 Set points per channel
Alarm output (option) 2 relays drive per setting. Form-C
250VAC 3A /125VDC 0.5A /30VDC 3A max.,
Hysteresis 0.5 ± 0.2%, Setting accuracy ± 0.5%
Input impedance 10MΩ min. In mV/TC input. 200kΩ min.
In mV/TC Input with burn-out, 1MΩ min.
In Volt Input and 100Ω min. In mA Input
Source impedance 10kΩ max. in mV/TC input, 200Ω
max. in mV/TC Input with burn-out, 1kΩ
max. In Volt input and 10Ω max. per wire in RTD input.
CMRR 140dB min. in 50/60 ± 0.5Hz
NMRR 60dB min. in 50/60 ± 0.5Hz
Isolation resistance Input/ground 500VDC, 20MΩ min
Dielectric strength Power supply voltage/ ground 2000VAC, 1-minute duration.
Input/ground 500VAC, 1 minute duration
Power supply voltage 85 ~ 264VAC, 45 ~ 65Hz ± 5%
Allowable instant power failure 50ms max
Power consumption 60VA max
Vibration resistance 1m/s2 max., 10 ~ 60Hz
Shock resistance 2m/s2 max
Operating conditions -5 ~ 50°C. 35 ~ 85%RH
Dimensions RM10G; 144(w) x 144(h) x 430(d) mm
RM10N; 150(w) x 168(h) x 340(d) mm
Case structure Dust-proof
Mounting Panel-mount
TYPE G,N; Allowable backward inclination : 30°
Material Case
TYPE G ; Steel plate
TYPE N ; Aluminum die casting
Door—-TYPE G; PC resin
TYPE N; Aluminum die casting
Color Case — Metallic silver
Door frame — Black(Standard)
        G,N type 5.0 kg max. (1 pen model);
5.5kg max. (2 pen model);
5.5 kg max. (3 pen model);
6.0 kg max. (4 pen model);


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