Hybrid Recorder – Ohkura RM25G (N)


  • Contact free feedback potentiometer and input selector
  • Easy channel identification by mark printer
  • Both trend & data logging printouts
  • Dielectrics strength of 2000v between power input and ground
  • Abundance of printout function
  • Wide range of power supply voltage
  • Optional IC card

The RM25G and RM25N are hybrid recorder allows digital printout on analog trend on 250 mm wide chart paper. The RM25G offers 360 x 288 mm din size panel and the RM25N replaces former model 25R recorder.


Number of inputs 6, 12, 24, or 30 dot point
Type of input
        DC Voltage 4mVDC min., 20VDC max
        Direct thermocouple K, T, J, E, B, S, R, G, C, N,
        RTD Pt100Ω,Pt50Ω,JPt100Ω,Cu10Ω (at 0°C), Cu10Ω (at 25Ω)
        Current 4 ~ 20mA
        Conductivity 100μS/m ~ 2000mμS/m
Recording width 250mm calibrated
Recording accuracy ± 0.5% max
Open input protection (option) Up scale with mV or TC input
Chart Speed 6, 12, 24 & 30 point model; 1 ~ 1800mm/h
Chart paper Fold chart standard, 23m long, 286mm width
Data print color Purple (Red on alarm)
Dot print interval 5s/ch
Input sampling 5s/ch
Print head Dot point models; 6 color ribbon cartridge and 5mark
Alarm 6 Set points per channel
Alarm output (option) 2 relays drive per setting. Form-C
250VAC 3A /125VDC 0.5A /30VDC 3A max.,
Hysteresis 0.5 ± 0.2%, Setting accuracy ± 0.5%
Input impedance 10MΩ min. In mV/TC Input. 200kΩ min.
In mV/TC Input with burn-out, 1MΩ min.
In Volt Input and 100Ω min. In mA Input
Source impedance 10kΩ max. in mV/TC input, 200Ω
max. in mV/TC Input with burn-out, 1kΩ
max. In Volt input and 10Ω max. per wire in RTD input
CMRR 140dB min. in 50/60 ± 0.5Hz
NMRR 60dB min. in 50/60 ± 0.5Hz
Isolation resistance Input/ground 500VDC, 20MΩ min
Dielectric strength Power supply voltage/ground 2000VAC,1-minute duration.
Input/ground 500VAC, 1-minute duration
Power supply voltage 85 ~ 264VAC, 45 ~ 65Hz ± 5%
Allowable instant power failure 50ms max
Power consumption 70VA max
Vibration resistance 1m/s2 max., 10 ~ 60Hz
Shock resistance 2m/s2 max
Operating conditions -5 ~ 50°C. 35 ~ 85%RH
Dimensions RM25G; 360 x 288 x 340 mm
RM25N; 406(w) x 325(h) x 340(d) mm
Weight RM25G ;17.0 kg max
RM25N ; 19.0 kg max
Mounting Panel mount
Allowable backward inclination : 30°
Material Case —- Steel plate
Door frame —- Aluminum die casting
Color Case —- Metallic silver
Door frame —- Black (Standard)


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