TTK FG-ODP Hydrocarbon Point Sensor

  • Fully Addressable, Locating
  • Fast Response, Re-usable
  • Suitable for Explosive Area Service
  • Insensitive to Water and Pollution

TTK FG-ODP is a point sensor for liquid hydrocarbon and non-conductive solvent leak detection. It is suitable to detect hydrocarbon floating on water, for example in tank application. In the event of liquid leak or cable break on the FG-ODP, the point sensor reacts fast and the connected digital unit will respond as follows:

  • An audible alarm is triggered and a relay is activated.
  • The location of the fuel leak (address of the FG-ODP) and details of the fault are displayed on the screen.
  • Event report is sent to the BMS via MODBUS /JBUS protocol.

It is designed to be connected with TTK Digital Units FG-NET, FG-BBOX to provide quick detection of liquid hydrocarbon leaks.


External diameter 40 mm
Tube material Antistatic Polymer
Leader cable OD BUS 8771
Min. Max. working temperature  -30°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +100°C
Reusable Yes
Connector protection index classification (DIN/EN/IEC60529) IP 68

Identification Codes

FG-ODP Addressable Oil Point Sensor
FG-NET Digital Touchscreen Leak Detection Panel 100-240VAC
FG-NET-LL Digital Touchscreen Leak Detection Panel, 100-240VAC, for OD BUS 8771
FG-ALS8-OD Analog Touchscreen Panel 8 Zones 100-240VAC – Oil Detection
FG-ALS4-OD Analog Touchscreen Panel 4 Zones 100-240VAC – Oil Detection
FG-A-OD Alarm Unit for Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
FG-STAD Standalone Alarm Unit For Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Sensor
FG-BBOX FG-NET’s Satellite Device – 2 Circuits Black Box 100-240VAC
FG-BBOX-LL FG-NET’s Satellite Device – 2 Circuits Black Box 100-240VAC, for OD BUS 8771
FG-FLOAT Float assembly for FG-ODP installation
FG-DOD OD Bus Interface
FG-DOP Point Sensor Diversion
Connection box for integration of FG-ODP on a OD BUS 8771


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