Hydrostatic Level Probe – Aplisens SGE-25/HASTELLOY Series


  • All wetted parts made in Hastelloy
  • Any measurement range from 2 up to 20 m H2O
  • Integrated internal overvoltage protection circuit
  • Marine certificate

Principles of operation, construction
The probe measures liquid levels, basing on a simple relationship between the height of the liquid column and the resulting hydrostatic pressure. The pressure measurement is carried out on the level of the separating diaphragm of the immersed probe and is related to atmospheric pressure through a capillary in the cable. The active sensing element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by an isolating diaphragm. The electronic amplifier, which works in combination with the sensor, and is meant to standardize the signal, is additionally equipped with an overvoltage protection circuit, which protects the probe from damage caused by induced interference from atmospheric discharges or from associated heavy current engineering appliances.

The SGE-25/HASTELLOY hydrostatic level probe is applicable to measure liquid levels in tanks where probe made in stainless steel can’t be used – e.g. in seawater or chemical applications.


Measuring Range 2…4 m H2O 10..20 m H2O
Overpressure Limit
(repeatable – without hysteresis)
10 × range 10 × range
Accuracy % FSO 0.20% 0.20%
Thermal error Typical 0,3% / 10°C
max 0,4% / 10°C
Typical 0,2% / 10°C
max 0,3% / 10°C
Long term stability 0.1% or 1 cm H2O for 1 year
Hysteresis, repeatability 0.0005
Thermal compensation range 0 ÷ 40°C – standard
Medium temperature range -25 ÷ 40°C
Output signal, power supply Signal type: 4 ÷ 20mA
Power supply: 8…36 VDC
Error due to supply voltage changes 0.005% / V
Degree of protection IP68
Material of casing Hastelloy
Cable shield ETFE
Material of diaphragm Hastelloy


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