Industrial Dehumidifier – ecostar ECOAM-S205H


  • Bottom Front Inlet and Top Front Discharge for even circulation of air to achieve better air flow
  • The machine made with Anti-Cold Bridge aluminum alloy frame with double panel structure to achieve EN1886 standard. Cold bridge coefficient of 0.56.
  • The panel and inner panel can make with the selection of Steel Plate, Galvanized Sheet or Stainless Steel (optional) with color coated.
  • The Panel wall can be either single or double wall.
  • High Dehumidifying Capacity and Energy Efficient Design.
  • Reliable and High-Performance Hermetic Scroll Compressor with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.
  • Energy Saving, High Efficiency AC Centrifugal Fan for Low Noise, High Static Pressure operation.
  • Microcomputer Control with built-in multiple Protection function and optimized for performance operation logic
  • The machine built for long hour operation 24/7.
  • Honeycomb Structure Evaporator Hydrophilic Water-Repellent Blue Coating with SUS304 Frame for better reliability over corrosion.
  • Water Drain Pan is made of SUS304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion damage.

Dpstar is a leading supplier of Industrial Dehumidifiers in Malaysia. We set the standard with regards to energy-efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance. We offer dehumidifier system advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance support.

ECOAM-S205H Industrial Dehumidifier help to constantly keep the treated room dry with high efficiency and high moisture load removal system. This would help to lower the humidity level, thus protecting the stored goods and production processes that are highly sensitive to moisture.


Model No. Unit ECOAM-S205H
Rated Dehumidifying Capacity Kg/hr 24 kg/hr
L/day 550 L/day
kW 33kW
Power supply 415V/3PH/50Hz
Rated Operating Power kW 11kW
Rated Operating Ampere A 17A
Refrigerant R410A
Safety features High and Low-pressure switch, anti-frozen protection, overflow protection, sequence protection, compressor and over-load protection
Operation and control • Microcomputer controller with automatic function, faulty warning, self-diagnosis, auto balance compressor run time and timer on/off
• RS485 Port Ready for integration with BMS through ModBus Protocol
Compressor Type Hermetic scroll type
Rated power kW 9kW
Air side heat exchanger Type Two-Way Honeycomb Copper tubes with Aluminium fins
Fins Copper Tube 0.35mm² thickness for better durability
Fan type Low noise centrifugal fan
(optional: variable fan speed with Inverter)
Frame SUS 304, Stainless Steel Frame
Air volume m3/h 6400 m3/h
ESP Pa 180Pa
Motor power kW 1.5kW
Refrigerant control Thermostatic expansion valve
Drain Pan SUS304, Stainless Steel Drain Pan
Machine Body Anti-Cold Bridge Aluminum Alloy frame with Single Panel Structure
Machine Frame Coating Industrial Grade Coating
Defrost Patented Automatic defrosting system



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