Industrial Dehumidifier – ecostar ecoFD-D Series


  • CNC-processed casing, rigid & durable
  • Brand compressor, CFC-free refrigerant available
  • Washable coarse air filter, easy to maintain
  • Top air discharge, duct flange available
  • Standard hose drain, pump available
  • Smart automatic recover function
  • Lack/wrong phase protection(3phase unit)
  • Timer On/Off, defrost time/temperature set function
  • Class F fan motor, Low/High air speed
  • Compressor delay start protection, fan delay stop protection

Dpstar is a leading supplier of Industrial Dehumidifiers in Malaysia. We set the standard with regards to energy-efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance. We offer dehumidifier system advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance support.

The ecostar ecoFD-D series Industrial Dehumidifier is a reliable and durable solution for reducing humidity in industrial spaces. Its casing is CNC processed, making it rigid and able to withstand harsh environments. The unit is equipped with a brand compressor that uses CFC-free refrigerant, making it eco-friendly. The washable coarse air filter is easy to maintain, ensuring that the dehumidifier operates efficiently.

The top air discharge feature and duct flange make installation easy and flexible, while the standard hose drain and pump options ensure hassle-free drainage. The unit also comes with a smart automatic recovery function that helps it quickly recover from power outages. Additionally, the lack/wrong phase protection feature provides added safety for 3-phase units.

The timer On/Off and defrost time/temperature set function make it easy to customize the dehumidifier’s operation. The Class F fan motor, Low/High air speed, and compressor delay start protection ensure that the unit operates smoothly and efficiently. The fan delay stop protection also helps to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the dehumidifier. Overall, the ecostar ecoFD-D series Industrial Dehumidifier is a reliable and high-performance option for any industrial space.


  • Customized Available: Duct flange, high temperature, Explosion-proof, pump drain, etc.
  • Durable Fan: Class F motor, low/high speed.
  • auto Restart Function: Restart automatically from a sudden power outage.
  • Adjustable Defrost Time & Temperature:  Solve icing problems & prolong the lifespan.


Model ecoFD-D168L ecoFD-D190L ecoFD-D240L ecoFD-D288L
Capacity (30°C, RH80%) 168L/Day 190L/Day 240L/Day 288L/Day
Power Source 230V/50Hz/1Ph 380~415V/50Hz/3Ph 380~415V/50Hz/3Ph 380~415V/50Hz/3Ph
Rated Input Power 2500W 3500W 4500W 5000W
Rated Input Current 12A 7.0A 9.0A 10A
Water Drain Hose,Φ16mm Hose,Φ16mm Hose,Φ16mm Hose,Φ16mm
Refrigerant R410a R410a R407c R407c
Air Flow 1800m³/h 1800m³/h 2400m³/h 2600m³/h
E.S.P >80Pa >80Pa >80Pa >80Pa
Operating Ambient Temperature 5-38°C 5-38°C 5-38°C 5-38°C
Weight  122kg 130kg 140kg 150kg
Available Area(H=2.6m) <170m² <200m² <250m² <300m²
Measurement(W*D*H)  607*500*1680mm 777*500*1810mm




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