Industrial Dehumidifier – ecostar ECOFD-E Series


  • Microcomputer control start the age of intelligence
  • 24 hours timing dehumidifying
  • Humidity value adjustable accurate to 2%
  • Triaxial air flue full space recirculating air
  • Steady movement, low vibration, high energy efficiency
  • Copper motor, strong power, dynamic balancing fan, low noise
  • Scientific and accurate arrangement of condenser and evaporator greatly improves the energy efficiency of heat exchange

Dpstar is a leading supplier of Industrial Dehumidifiers in Malaysia. We set the standard with regards to energy-efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance. We offer dehumidifier system advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance support.

ECOFD-E Series industrial dehumidifier has a large dehumidifying capacity and high efficiency. It is used for dehumidifying in industrial environments and can be used in electronic component manufacturing plants, chemical product storage rooms, etc.


  • Food Industry
    In general, the humidity requirement in the food industry is 50%-75% RH. Most products require storage in a dry, cool, clean warehouse. A dehumidifier can help to improve the humidity in the warehouse, but also reduce electricity consumption by 25% compared to the same type of dehumidifier, helping companies to increase their annual production capacity by 23%, and the loss rate is far below the industry average.
  • Underground Parking
    To avoid electronic slip caused by wet ground, as not to affect traffic safety, it can prevent the underground garage from being in a humid environment for a long time, preventing the electrical equipment from rusting and reducing the loss.
  • Construction Industry
    In general, the humidity control of a building is often neglected when designing a building and the temperature and humidity conditions associated with it. People’s attention may be more on the cost of the building. But in fact, humidity and indoor climate are the main constraints of environment load.


Dehumidifying Capacity 145L/D 240L/D
Amount Of Airflow 1400m3/HR 2400m3/HR
Power Rating 230V / 1PH / 50Hz / 2120W 380V~415V / 3PH / 50Hz / 3500W
Operating Range Temperature 5°C – 38°C 5°C – 38°C
Compressor Panasonic / Daikin / GMC Panasonic / Daikin / GMC
Operating Range Humidity RH% 10%-90% 10%-90%
Application Range 200-250M² 250-300M²
Item Size (WXDXH) 600*410*1600mm 767*463*1720mm
Wooden Packing Size 760*540*1850mm 860*550*1830mm
Packing Weight 110kg 159kg


Dehumidifying Capacity 480L/D 600L/D 820L/D
Amount Of Airflow 4800m3/HR 5500m3/HR 8000m3/HR
Power Rating 380V~415V / 3PH / 50Hz 8100W 10500W 13300W
Operating Range Temperature 5°C – 38°C 5°C – 38°C 5°C – 38°C
Compressor Panasonic / Daikin / GMC
Operating Range Humidity RH% 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90%
Application Range 300-400M² 400-500M² 500-600M²
Item Size (WXDXH) 1187*500*1748mm 1370*710*1870mm 1370*710*1870mm
Wooden Packing Size 1260*585*1930mm 1450*820*2020mm 1450*820*2020mm
Packing Weight 275kg 357kg 400kg


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