Industrial Dehumidifier – ecostar ecoFD-I110L


  • CNC-processed metal casing, rigid & durable
  • Washable coarse air filter, easy to maintain
  • Pump/Hose/Bucket drain available
  • Panasonic compressor, R410a refrigerant
  • Class F fan motor, Low/High air speed
  • Timer On/Off function
  • Smart automatic recover function
  • Defrost time & temperature adjustable
  • Compressor delay start protection, fan delay stop protection

Dpstar is a leading supplier of Industrial Dehumidifiers in Malaysia. We set the standard with regards to energy-efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance. We offer dehumidifier system advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance support.

The ecostar ecoFD-I110L Industrial Dehumidifier is your ultimate solution for excess humidity and moisture problems in large industrial spaces. This top-of-the-line dehumidifier boasts a CNC-processed metal casing that guarantees rigidity and durability, ensuring its longevity and ability to withstand the toughest conditions. With its washable coarse air filter, the ecoFD-I110L is easy to maintain and operate. You can choose between pump/hose/bucket drain options to suit your specific needs. The unit is equipped with a reliable Panasonic compressor and R410a refrigerant, delivering optimal dehumidification performance that’s both efficient and environmentally friendly. The Class F fan motor with low/high air speed settings provides powerful air circulation for quick and effective moisture removal. The ecoFD-I110L also features a timer On/Off function for easy and convenient operation. Its smart automatic recover function and adjustable defrost time and temperature allow for hassle-free operation, ensuring optimal dehumidification performance.

For added protection, the compressor delay start and fan delay stop protections are built-in features, preventing potential damage caused by sudden power outages or fluctuations. Overall, the ecoFD-I110L Industrial Dehumidifier is a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use solution that provides optimal moisture control for large industrial spaces. Invest in the ecoFD-I110L today and enjoy a healthier, drier, and more comfortable environment.


  • Durable Fan: Class F motor, low/high speed.
  • Adjustable Defrost Time & Temperature: Solve icing problems & prolong lifetime.
  • Auto Restart Function: Restart automatically from a sudden power outage.
  • Multiple Water Drainage: Suitable for different applications.


Model ecoFD-I110L
Rated Capacity (30°C, 80%)  100~110L/day
Power Source 230V/50Hz/1Ph
Rated Power/Rated Current 1450W/6.4A
Humidity Control Range 40-70% continuous
Available Ambient Temperature 10-35oC
Max. Air Flow  1300m3/h
Auto Restart Function Yes
Refrigerant R410a/850g
Fan Speed/Noise Level Low(55dB)/High(65dB)
Drainage Hose/Tank/Pump (optional)
Weight 54kg
Measurement 415x455x960mm
Package Size(mm)  485x530x995mm


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