Isowool Ceramic Fiber – Isolite


  • Light weight
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • Excellent thermal insulating performance
  • Thermal stability
  • Application as fire protection
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low heat storage
  • Removable insulating blankets
  • Capability of fabricate shaped refractories
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to most alkalines and acids
  • Chemical stability
  • A suitable replacement for asbestos

Dpstar contributing to environmental conservation by developing a key technology of fireproof insulation. Dpstar providing high-temperature fireproof insulation materials, such as insulating firebricks and high-temperature insulation materials that contribute to energy saving in the thermal industry. At Dpstar we are continuously expanding our capabilities and always seeking better and more efficient ways to meet our customers’ needs.

What is Isowool Ceramic Fiber?

Isowool is a ceramic fiber made from the purest of raw materials, which are electromelted, air-blown at high speed and fiberized. Light in weight and soft to the touch, Isowool possesses excellent refractory and insulating properties. It sees extensive applications in such key industries as steel, nonferrous, petrochemical and ceramic. Not only that, but it finds wide use also for seals, for filters , for filters and as reinforcing fiber of various composites.

Type & Use

Ceramic fiber varieties are: ordinary aluminum silicate fiber, aluminum silicate aluminum fiber, aluminum silicate fiber, polycrystalline alumina fiber and polycrystalline mullite fiber. In recent years, foreign countries have successfully developed some new varieties of ceramic fiber, such as: ceramic fiber. Ceramic fiber products are mainly: ceramic fiber cotton, ceramic fiber felt, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber belt, ceramic fiber rope and so on.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket (Fiber Module)

The use of self-melting, even the melting of the production process made of long silk spinning, the double-sided acupuncture fibers made of intertwined, can be directly as a hot flame, set fire Heat, insulation in one, in the neutral, oxidizing and partial reductive atmosphere in the long-term use, can still maintain a good strength, toughness. The fibrous module made of this fiber blanket does not contain bonding agent, good thermal stability, widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, power and other heat insulation field.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber and binder, additives, through the pulp, molding, curing, drying and other processes made. Ceramic fiber board is flexible, easy to cut, high strength, is a low thermal conductivity, low heat storage of new energy-saving environmental protection products, widely used in a variety of heating equipment, the top of the wall, the top part of the backing, is a heavy refractory.

Ceramic Fiber Cloth

mainly used in fire doors, industrial furnace insulation, high temperature pipes and containers of insulation.

Ceramic Fiber Rope

Mainly used in a variety of industrial furnace expansion joints, high temperature pipe winding insulation, steel structure, such as the junction of insulation.



  • Oil/Petrochemical Industries
    – Boilers & heating centers
    – Catalyst base and filter parts in refining hot gases
    – Boiler header insulation
    – High-temperature filtration of gases & liquids
    – Reactors & cat crackers
    – Burners insulation
  • Iron & Steel Industries
    – Hot-face lining for heat-treatment furnaces
    – Back-up insulation for reheating furnaces
    – Annealing furnace cover seals
    – Covering casting nozzles
  • Chemical Industries
    – Reformer and cracker furnaces linings
    – Filtration & catalyst carrier medium for radioactive particles
    – High temperature sealing materials
  • Non-ferrous Industries
    – Melting furnace lining
    – Holding furnace lining
    – Investment casting molds wrappings
    – Seals between sections of metal pouring equipment
    – Filtration medium for separating nitrides & oxides from metal melts
    – Filtration medium for separating slag from melts
  • Ceramic and Tile Industries
    – Expansion joints and seals
    – Lining of elevator furnaces and firing wagons
    – Brick factories
  • General Engineering
    – Acoustic insulation of gas turbines
    – Acoustic insulation of diesel engine exhausts
    – Flexible high-temperature pipe insulation
  • Aluminum Industries
    – Insulation for crucibles, canals and roofs of melting furnaces
  • Glass Industries
    – Repairing fused cast bricks
  • Transportation Industries
    – Acoustical & thermal insulation
    – Brake friction pad
    – Catalytic converters & exhaust pipe insulation


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