Line Heater – Maltec-H ATEX/IECEx-HEWL/HEOL


  • Thermal insulation and cladding.
  • Weatherproof terminal enclosure with protection to IP55.
  • Internal control thermostats and over-temperature thermostat.
  • Also available in Flameproof construction for Hazardous Areas.
  • Alternative materials of construction available.
  • Designed for horizontal installation (vertical mounting version available on request).

The HEWL and HEOL range of line heaters is suitable for heating all process fluids which are non- corrosive to the materials of construction. They provide a clean and efficient heating method for bulk liquid flow applications.


  • Industrial washing and rinsing processes.
  • Indirect heating of liquids.
  • Engine jacket pre-heating.
  • Temperature maintenance of storage tanks.
  • Under floor heating schemes.
  • Lube oil pre-heating.
  • Fuel oil.
  • Heat transfer oils.
  • Tempering of low grade residual oils for burners and engines.


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