TTK FG-NET Locating Units


  • Powerful System Capacity: Monitoring Up to 500 Sense Cables
  • Detect Multiple Simultaneous Leaks
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • TCP/IP & MODBUS/JBUS Connection
  • Floor Maps Integrated Highlighting the Location of Fault (option)
  • Send Email Alerts to LAN-connected BMS (option)
  • Alarm Delay Time Adjustable on Each Sense Cable
  • Easy to Install in Both New & Existing Buildings
  • Long Product Life & Low Constraint of Maintenance

The FG-NET digital unit is designed to be used for water leak detection, bases leak detection, acid leak detection and fuel leak detection. It is ideal for mission critical areas such as data centers, trading floors, semi-conductor plants. FG-NET unit can display a precise location (to the nearest metre) on a dynamic map. It detects simultaneous leaks hence avoid “a leak hide another” risk. Furthermore, the FG-NET digital unit can transmit the leak information to other LAN-connected equipments (such as BMS) via TCP/IP and JBUS/MODBUS communication protocols.


  • Precise location of a leak: to the nearest metre for water and acid leak detection and to the section for oil leak detection.
  • Each sense cable is addressable and can be assigned a specific name.
  • Multiple simultaneous leaks can be detected (120 cables = 120 alarms).
  • Different types of sense cables (for detecting conductive & non-conductive liquids) can be connected on the same panel for a truly bespoke system.
  • Cable break faults can be detected (to the nearest cable).
  • When a cable break occurs, the system maintains its integrity by continuing to monitor all preceding cables for faults.
  • Compatible with existing monitoring systems (Trend BMS etc.)
  • Extension and upgrade of the system is easy. No additional power source or zoning panels are required.


Compatibility Sense cables (digital): FG-EC, FG-AC, FG-OD range of cables
Sense cables (analog through FG-DTCS box): FG-ECS, FG-ACS
Satellite devices: FG-BBOX, FG-RELAYS
Diversion boxes: FG-DTC, FG-DTCS, FG-DCTL, FG-DOD
Accessories: TTK 8723, 8771 jumper cable, FG-CLC, FG-TMC
Dimensions & Weights Wall mounted W: 228 mm H: 303 mm D: 67 mm Weight: 2.3kg
Rack mounted W: 483 mm H: 177 mm D: 74 mm Weight: 3kg
Maximum Length of Sense Cable 500 sense cables (500 x 15m=7500m) when use with FG-BBOX
Accuracy water & acid leak detection: +/- 1 meter ; oil leak detection: section
Operating Languages English, French, German
Voltage Input 100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 36VA Max
Working Temperature Range 5°C to 55°C
Working Humidity Range 5% to 80% non-condensing
Relay Types Volt free dry contact (NO, NC, COM)
Relay Numbers 9 (8 + 1 power failure relay
Serial Connection MODBUS/JBUS RS232 or RS422/485
Maximum Relay Switching Voltage 125 V AC and 220 V DC
Maximum Relay Switching Capacity 60 W (30 V x 2A)
Ingress Protection IP40 – Indoor use only
Network 10/100BASE-T; IPv4/IPv6

Identification Codes

FG-NET (F / E) Digital Touchscreen Leak Detection Panel (Wall Mounted / Rack Mounted)
FG-BBOX F FG-NET’s Satellite Device – 2 Circuits Black Box (Wall Mounted)
FG-RELAYS F FG-NET’s Satellite Device – 24 x External Relays (Wall Mounted)
FG-EC, FG-AC, FG-OD Addressable Water, Acid, Hydrocarbon Sensing Cable With Connectors
Accessory Boxes:
FG-DTC Diversion Box for ‘TTK Bus 8723’
FG-DTCS Addressable Box for one Water or Acids Cable, on ‘TTK Bus 8723’ (Sector Mode)
FG-DCTL ‘Cut-To-Length’ Addressable Box for one Water or Acids Cable, on ‘TTK Bus 8723’ (Sector  Mode)
FG-DOD Bus Interface, for Integration of FG-OD Cables



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