TTK FG-SYS Locating Units


  • Monitoring Up to 120 Lengths of Sense Cables
  • Detect Multiple Simultaneous Leaks
  • MODBUS/JBUS Connection to BMS
  • 9 Relay Contacts
  • Dedicated Monitoring Software TOPSurveillance

TTK FG-SYS digital unit, a robust and reliable leak detection and location panel, ensures an immediate detection and precise location of water leak detection and acid leak detection. It is suitable for IT infrastructure, commercial & residential property but also industrial applications. FG-SYS unit is widely installed around the world over decade. It is capable to monitor up to 120 lengths of sense cables on its 3 independent outputs. It has 9 configurable relay contacts integrated and it can be connected on BMS via 2 interface types: RS232 or RS422/485 serial interfaces. Each sense cable connected is addressable and can be customized by assigning a specific identity and name. In case of leak, the operator can find easily the precise location thanks to the identifying name.


Compatibility Sense cables (digital): FG-EC, FG-AC
Sense cables (analog through FG-DTCS box): FG-ECS, FG-ACS
Diversion boxes: FG-DTC, FG-DTCS, FG-DCTL
Accessories: TTK 8723 jumper cable, FG-CLC, FG-TMC
Dimensions & Weights W: 200mm H: 250mm D: 100mm Weight: 3kg
Maximum Length of Sense Cable 1800 meters (600 meters per circuit)
Accuracy +/- 1 meter
Operating Languages English, French, German
Dimensions 200x250x100mm (Wall mounted, F)
Supply Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15W
Working Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Working Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Relay Types Single contact NO-NC
Alarm Relays Eight programmable relays for leaks and/or breaks with status LED, plus one power fail relay
Supported Protocol Modbus RS232, RS422, RS485, available on two independent interfaces
Maximum Switching Voltage 125 V AC and 220 V DC
Maximum Switching Capacity 60 W (30V x 2A)

Identification Codes

FG-SYS F (Wall Mounted) FG-SYS digital unit wall mounted in metal enclosure
FG-EC, FG-AC Digital sense cables in 3m, 7m and 15m lengths
FG-CLC Leader cable ( Belden ref. 8723 in 3.5m lengths)
FG-TMC End termination plug
FG-DTC “T” branch, diversion box
FG-DTCS Addressable box for FG-ECS, FG-ACS sense cables
FG-DCTL Digital cut to length diversion box

Digital Unit Status

Normal Operating Condition: The FG-SYS digital unit doesn’t detect any alarm.
Leak Detection: a leak occurs on one of the monitored zones; a signal light turns to red, an audible alarm sounds, a de-energized relay is activated; the LCD display shows the time and date of the alarm with the area name and the leak location in metres.
Cable Break: When the FG-SYS digital unit detects a circuit break on one of the monitored circuits; a signal light turns to red, an audible alarm sounds, a de-energized relay is activated; the LCD display shows the time and date of the alarm with the area name and the damaged cable number.

Terminal Block Wiring 

 Power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 15W. Power connector M+F.
Circuits 1,2,3: 4 pts connector for leader cable FG-CLC.
Relays: 8 relays with 3 pts connectors(COM, NO, NC) programmable.
Serial interfaces 1&2: Screw terminals with RS232 or RS422/485 for JBUS/MODBUS communication to BMS, and for external relays or PC Computer.


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