Maltec-H Bundle Rod Heater


  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Strong heating ability and high efficiency
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Free from oxide debris
  • Longer working life and better technical properties
  • Higher surface load & resistivity
  • Economic cost with High watt density output.
  • The refractory steel materials save.
  • The control of temperature, assemble and maintenance are very convenient and can be easy to seal.
  • Standard: IEC 60675

The bundle rod heater consists of a circular ceramic disc that holds the heating elements. They are designed for life long maintenance-free operation. These heaters can be used as standalone elements or inside radiant tubes, given their innovative design. In combination with the radiant tubes which deliver a high power, avoid refractory corrosion, and avoid the gas impurity in-process materials. These heaters achieve temperatures quickly and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The element can be provided in ferritic alloys up to 1250° C and NiCr alloy up to 1100°C materials.

Due to its ruggedness and versatility, these heaters are easy to install as well as replace. Easy repair and high-temperature performance give these heaters an edge over the others. Custom-designed as per the voltage and wattage required, bundle heaters are used in heat treat furnaces and die casting machines to molten salt baths and incinerators. These heaters are also useful in converting gas-fired furnaces to electric heating.


  • Primary aluminium holding and melting furnace
  • Galvanizing furnace in steel industries
  • Heat treatment furnace in automotive industries
  • Annealing furnace
  • Carburizing furnace


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