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  • Optimum heat transfer directly to the contact surface.
  • Cast-in heaters are strong and robust.
  • Used in processes requiring higher heat with greater reliability and longer life than other types of heating element.
  • Transfer pipes, extrusion / injection moulding barrels and extrusion die blocks are commonly fitted with cast-in heaters.

Cast-in heater are an essential product for heating air, fluids and other components. Formed tubular heaters or heating coil are casted into aluminum or bronze to create the cast in heaters. Due to their special construction, cast-in heaters are contamination-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Air/liquid cooling systems are utilized for the cooling of cast in heaters. The cooling capabilities offer an efficient method of high accuracy temperature control. The heaters can be casted into any shape and size to customer specifications. The special construction and its features make this kind of heaters suitable for harsh environments with years of trouble-free service.

These heaters have the advantage of the high thermal conductivity of the aluminium that allows a quick heat transfer at the same time that allows a good thermal uniformity in the distribution of temperature. Therefore, that reduces the surface charge and increases the longevity of the heater. Cast-in heater uses a special aluminium alloy with a high fluidity, avoiding the formation of air pockets and a finishing without roughness. In addition, other materials can be used, for instance: bronze that guarantees a higher temperature and offers a greater resistance to contaminants.


Cast Materials Maximum Operating Temperature
Aluminum 443 800°F (427°C)
Aluminum 319/356 700°F (371°C)
Bronze / Copper Alloys 1400°F (769°C)
Iron 900°F (482°C)

Typical Applications

  • Plastic extrusion machine
  • Textile industry
  • Hot runner system
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Packaging
  • Commercial pre-heater
  • Extruder barrel
  • Extrusion Die Heads
  • Blow Moulding machines
  • Glue pots
  • Rubber presses
  • Window machines
  • Transfer machines
  • Beverage Equipment
  • Blown Film Discs
  • Bun toasters
  • Die and Nozzle Heater
  • Food Warming Equipment
  • Frying Equipment
  • Laminating Equipment
  • Liquid Heat Exchangers
  • Packaging Seal Bars
  • Platen Heaters
  • Silicon Wafer Processing Equipment
  • Silk Screen Equipment
  • Vacuum Forming Equipment
  • Wave Solder Equipment


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