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  • Used in a range of applications from industrial to engineering, infrared ceramic heating elements and ceramic infrared emitters (IR heat emitter)
  • Efficient and long- lasting ceramic infrared heaters.
  • Providing long wave infrared radiation these robust ceramic infrared heating elements have a wide array of uses including in thermoforming heaters, packaging, outdoor heaters and saunas in leisure centers.
  • They are also used in curing, paint drying as well as a wide range of drying applications.
  • Standard: IEC 60675

Ceramic infrared heat elements are efficient and robust heating elements, which provide long wave infrared radiation. They are used among others for curing and drying processes. They are available in various standard sizes and power ratings. This modular approach allows arrangement of elements in a heating array providing an even heat profile over the whole target area. Elements in the array can be mounted at different heights to cater for uneven surfaces. Ceramic infrared emitters can be supplied with integrated thermocouple, allowing precise measurement and control of heating power.

The ceramic infrared heat elements are manufactured by molding a resistance wire into the ceramic substance. Ceramic elements operate in the temperature of 300°C to 700°C (572°F – 1292°F) producing infrared wavelengths in the 2 – 10-micron range. Most plastics and many other materials absorb infrared best in this range, which makes the ceramic heater the most popular infrared radiant emitter on the market.  A range of aluminized steel reflectors are also available to ensure the maximum amount of infrared radiation is reflected forward to the target area.


  • Ceramic

Typical Applications

  • Plastic Industries
    • Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming for plastification of Sheets / rolls.
    • Lamination and welding of Plastic
    • Curing / Shrinking Of PVC Paste.
  • Paper Industries
    • Drying of Paper Pulp, Drying of Paper Glue.
    • Drying of Paper Coating, Adhesive Activation.
  • Rubber Industries
    • Preheating & vulcanizing of rubber Sheets.
    • Preheating of Synthetic Pipes before Coupling.
  • Paint Industries
    • Stoving for Car Bodies epoxy. Lacquer Steel Panels.
  • Textile Industries
    • Drying Of finished Textile / Garments / Carpets. Setting of Nylon & Perlon Threads.
  • Screen Printing
    • Ink Drying, Instruments Dial Plastic. Fascia Panel Aluminum.
  • Food & Other Industries
    • Baking & Brewing of Bakery Products, Packaging Food Product.
    • Drying Tobacco, Sprayed and Powder Coating.


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