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  • Drum Heater are an excellent heating source to heat up for any drum, pail, barrel and other sizes of liquid containers.
  • Various sizes and lengths of heaters can be provided.

Drum Heaters are ideally suited for use where process media have to be heated up or kept warm in 200-liter standard drums. Drum heating solutions are available to provide rapid or gradual heating for the storage of fluids and liquids at consistent or critical temperatures. Drum heaters can save time by heating stored viscous fluid to a pourable temperature. Warming a liquid reduces its viscosity, thereby facilitating pumping and filling operations. It also prevents crystallization and flocculation. Solids can be liquefied. The heater is built to be tough, long lasting, and resistant to chemicals.

A complete range of drum heaters are available to provide consistent electric surface heating to the full drum, base of the drum or the side wall of steel or plastic drums. The heaters maintain product flow and reduce product loss by thermostatically controlled application of heat. Even high viscosity substances can be heated to reduce residue waste during the dispensing process of drum media caused by low, cold or freezing temperatures. Drum Heater provide uniform heat distribution on the drum providing high flexibility of use. The integrated controller simplifies the handling. A hook and spring fastening arrangement makes it easy to assemble and to remove the jacket. The total wattage (number of heaters) and the material being heated inside of the drum must be considered when determining the actual temperature to which that specific material can be heated.


  • Silicone rubber

Typical Application

  • Viscosity control
  • Freeze protection
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Melting of solids
  • Heat-up drum contents to a required temperature
  • Thermal mixing


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