Maltec-H Halogen Infrared Lamps | Heating Elements


  • For industrial applications
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient source of heat

Halogen Infrared Lamps are made from quartz glass, which is heat shock resistant. This means that the glass used to create these infrared heat lamps won’t be affected by changes in temperature. This specialized glass eradicates the concern of sites with less-than-ideal temperatures for halogen heat lamps. The material is resilient to extremely hot or cold temperatures. This makes it the ideal material for our high-quality infrared halogen lamps. The bulbs that we use in our lamps also have low internal tube pressure. This eliminates the risk of the lamp exploding due to excessive use. With these features, you can enjoy a safer long-term heating solution. Heating using halogen heaters offers high flexibility and controllability, is clean, safe, small and light. Due to their utilisation of halogen technology there is no blackening of the lamp over time and the light output provided by these lamps is consistent over their lamp life. Two versions of this lamp are available, one with ceramic ends and one with metal tag ends; both types are complete with leads.

Typical Applications

  • Heating food
  • Paper drying
  • Heat Sterilization
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Coil coating
  • Infrared cabins
  • Space heating
  • Drying of lacquer, paint, printing ink
  • Processing of plastic and thermoforming
  • Curing, oven
  • Blowing of PETP


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