Maltec-H Heater Element Bundle


  • Minimize downtime
  • Preserve peak efficiency
  • Sustain optimal productivity
  • Keeping your process efficient and productive.

Heater bundle made of tubular heating elements or cartridge type with withdrawable heating insets. The element bundle comprises of the main element flange, that enables the element bundle to be fixed to a tank or pressure vessel. The element bundle flange is fitted with the appropriate number and design of electric heating elements for the application.

A bundle of electric heating elements characterized by its diameter and immersion length. The bundle diameter depends on the number of heating elements usually hairpin formed and welding procedure used. The number of heating elements is defined by the total power required and the maximum watt density (W/cm2). Bundles are packed closely together and to the heat source for fast, efficient heating. In tanks heating, this means rapid heating and response to dropping temperatures.

Dpstar is an expert at maximizing the performance of your process heat and control systems with a variety of on-site services including multi-point inspections, guaranteed emergency response times and replacement parts availability.


  • Boilers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Petrochemical application
  • Mining
  • General industrial use
  • Highly viscous oils
  • High pressure
  • Hazardous areas


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