Maltec-H Jacket Heater | Heating Elements


  • Warm bulk tank contents at required temperature
  • Viscosity control
  • Freeze protection
  • Thermal mixing
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Biofuel / Biodiesel
  • Deliver safe, uniform heat
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Standard: IEC 60675

Jacket Heater, adopting nickel chrome wires or 0.05 mm~0.10mm thick nickel chrome foils etched to some certain shapes, the heating components is wrapped with heat conducting and insulating materials on both sides, and completed in high-temperature die forming and aging heat treatment. Due to its high reliability, the product is highly competitive when comparing with other electric heating film products which normally have paste materials such as graphite paste or resistor paste, etc coated on insulation materials. As a kind of soft red film which can be applied closely on different curved surfaces, the silastic heater can be fabricated in varies shapes and power. They can be designed for use with AC or DC voltage. They operate on low or high voltage and can have a low or high watt density per square inch providing consistent heat on all required surfaces.


  • Integrated type.
  • Custom size and shape, wrap-around blanket design allows you to heat a tank from the outside to avoid contamination inside.
  • Full coverage heating and insulation, high thermal and heating efficiency.
  • Uniform heating, speed up the flow of products like honey, molasses, lube oil, biofuel, etc. stored in bulk container.
  • Built- in overheat switch to prevent accidental burning of heated body.
  • Large range, high power, fast heating.
  • High insulation performance of all material.
  • Easy to install and remove, safer and adjustable.


Our Jacket heater, an efficient heating system for containers, is ideal for reducing the viscosity of a variety of chemicals including fats, oils and foodstuffs, to enable the decanting of the product into smaller containers or process lines. Used throughout the world by a multitude of industries from pharmaceutical to chemical, cosmetic to food, our Jacket Heater is the ideal solution for heating liquid materials stored in containers. Unlike expensive conventional ovens, the jacket heater allows the containers to be heated at its point of use. Or once heated the container can be moved with the jacket heater in position and still maintain the temperature for longer thanks to the high efficiency thermal insulation.


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