Maltec-H Straight Tubular Heater | Heating Elements


  • Precision helical wound nickel-chromium resistance wire
  • Circumferential cold pin-to-wire fusion weld
  • Compacted, high purity MgO dielectric insulation
  • Recompacted bends
  • Standard: IEC 60675

Dpstar is a Leading Manufacturer of Tubular Heater in Malaysia. We specialize in design, manufacture, and supply of heater elements to end-users. Dpstar is your trusted manufacturer of advanced quality tubular heating element products. Our excellent knowledge, high-quality materials, as well as outstanding manufacturing, will guarantee a long life and excellent product features.

Tubular heaters are highly adaptable to most applications where electrical heating is required. They can be used in their straight form or bent into various shapes. Tubular heaters can be used in free air, clamped to a surface, placed inside a groove, or cast into metal. Tubular heating elements perform exceptional heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. MALTEC-H Straight Length Elements can be formed to suit the pattern required. Special wattages, voltages, lengths, diameters and bushes can be supplied on customer’s request.


Tubular heaters use 80% Nickel 20% Chromium high-grade coiled resistance wire as a heating core. This core is welded at both ends to pins that provide a cold section that varies in length depending on the application requirements. The coil-pin assembly is precisely centered inside a heavy-gauge, oversize metal tube, and embedded inside a 96% pure, high-grade MgO insulating medium. This assembly is then compacted through a roll-reducing process that reduces the outside tube diameter to its final size, and transforms the MgO matrix into a rock-hard solid that  acts as an excellent heat transferring medium, as well as electric insulation with high dielectric strength. Finally, heaters are annealed inside a high-temperature furnace to eliminate internal stresses accumulated during the cold-forming and roll-reducing process to make them soft. Heating elements are then formed into special shapes or supplied in their straight form. Proper electrical terminations are added to the final product.

Material sheath selection 

  • Copper
    Heating of fresh water free from chloride or other aggressive chemicals. The copper element may nickel plated to provide protection in certain applications. Maximum sheath temperature in water 180°C.
  • Incoloy 800/840
    A nickel-chrome alloy used for heating liquids where resistance to stress corrosion is required. Maximum sheath temperature 850°C.
  • Stainless Steel 304
    Heating gases, where oxidation of corrosion is likely. Selection will depend on the media to be heated and the operating conditions. Maximum sheath temperature 750°C.
  • Stainless Steel 316
    Heating liquids where corrosion is likely. Selection will depend on the media to be heated and the operating conditions. Maximum sheath temperature 750°C
  • Titanium
    Heating aggressive liquids where other metal-sheathed materials do not have the required corrosion resistance. Selection will depend on the chemical composition of the media to be heated. Maximum sheath temperature 500°C.


  • Metal mold, die and platen heating
  • Medical and analytical device heating
  • Cast into metal parts and platens
  • Cut and seal heads on packaging equipment
  • Tank wall and pipe heating
  • Liquid immersion & circulation heaters
  • Furnace & oven heating
  • Comfort heating and freeze protection
  • Process air and gas heating
  • Thermoforming, curing, drying


  • Constructed with epoxy or silicone seals to resist moisture contamination (Oxidation and corrosion resistance)
  • Compacted with insulating MgO that allows heat to transfer away from resistance wire to the sheath material and media with faster efficient heat up.
  • Virtually a limitless array of custom bend formation options, to include adapting heater elements around space parameters – to maintain maximized efficient heating.


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