Maltec-H Straight Tubular Heater | Heating Elements


  • Precision helical wound nickel-chromium resistance wire
  • Circumferential cold pin-to-wire fusion weld
  • Compacted, high purity MgO dielectric insulation
  • Recompacted bends

Tubular heating elements perform exceptional heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. MALTEC-H Straight Length Elements can be formed to suit the pattern required. Special wattages, voltages, lengths, diameters and bushes can be supplied on customer’s request.


  • Metal mold, die and platen heating
  • Medical and analytical device heating
  • Cast into metal parts and platens
  • Cut and seal heads on packaging equipment
  • Tank wall and pipe heating
  • Liquid immersion & circulation heaters
  • Furnace & oven heating
  • Comfort heating and freeze protection
  • Process air and gas heating
  • Thermoforming, curing, drying


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