Maltec-H Tank Heater | Heating Blankets For Industrial Solutions


  • Suitable for plastic and metal drums, and IBC/Tote tanks.
  • Wide range of blankets to adapt to different size, temperature and budget requirements.
  • Variety of sizes and powers to suit the application.
  • Adjustable or fixed temperature thermostats.
  • Includes different types of fastening or anchorage depending on the application: belts with buckles,
  • Velcro, springs, glass fibre cords, etc.
  • Made-to-measure manufacture depending on the specifications of each project.

Dpstar has the best tank heating solutions on the market. We have technical expertise to develop solutions related to electric heating for different applications. In these fields it manufactures heating elements such as heating jackets for high temperature industrial applications, aluminum adhesive heaters.

We offer tank heaters for wide variety of tank sizes. Our superior heating solutions reduces cost by optimizing temperatures and increasing tank efficiency. As with all tanks, they lose pressure in cold weather. This reduces the efficiency of the frac water heating process. One solution to maintain pressure is to heat the tank on the frac water heater.

Choose Dpstar’s Heating Blanket for customized freeze protection; curing epoxy, composite materials, and concrete; process heating and cooling; and many other solutions. With Dpstar’s Heating Blanket, equipment lasts longer, projects stay on track, and fluids flow smoothly.

Why is temperature control so important?

Dpstar heating blankets helps to protect valuable equipment and fluids from freezing or overheating. Even more importantly, this in turn prevents project setbacks and unnecessary costs associated with adverse conditions to be tacked onto your business and business dealings.

Our company’s revolutionary technologies have differentiated us from our competitors for years, and our commitment to innovation continues to provide new and improved products to an already impressive line of solutions. With the ability to design custom heating blankets, Dpstar’s Heating Blanket outfits clients with all the cold-weather protection and heating they’ll ever need. No matter the size, shape, or nature of the project, Dpstar’s Heating Blanket heaters can cover it.

Benefits of Our Heating Blankets

  • Protect
    Safely heat and protect critical materials and equipment without overheating or burning.
  • Optimize
    Improve overall efficiency of your operation with Dpstar’s Heating Blanket Total Temperature Control.
  • Save
    Prevent waste, lost time, and unnecessary labor costs.
  • Easy Installation
    Quickly and effortlessly install the compact and portable design.
  • Temperature Control Experts
    We create industrial cooling & heating systems for industries all over the world.
  • Fasted Industry Lead Times
    The quickest turnaround time in the industry

Customised Solutions For Your Industry

Dpstar’s engineers solve every kind of heating problem from simple to very complex. Our expertise guarantees satisfied customers in a very short turnaround time.

  • Custom Tank Heater
    Maintain temperature, provide freeze protection, or optimize flow for viscous and temperature sensitive materials.
  • Hazardous Locations
    The most advanced hazardous area heating systems with special wiring and safety equipment to ensure the highest standards.
  • Freeze Protection
    Save on labor costs, eliminate downtime and avoid replacing frozen equipment even in the harshest climates.

Industries We Serve

Dpstar’s heated solutions have more than 30 years of proven success across many of these different industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Instrumentation
  • Construction
  • Concrete
  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Dairy
  • Mining


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