Maltec-H Tubular Heater | Heating Elements


  • Flexibility in terminations, shapes and diameters
  • High load capacity
  • High temperature
  • Moisture proofing
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Durable
  • CE approved
  • Standard: IEC 60675
  • For heating almost any liquid or viscous materials.

Dpstar is a Leading Manufacturer of Tubular Heater in Malaysia. We specialize in design, manufacture, and supply of heater elements to end-users. Dpstar is your trusted manufacturer of advanced quality tubular heating element products. Our excellent knowledge, high-quality materials, as well as outstanding manufacturing, will guarantee a long life and excellent product features.

Tubular heaters are a reliable thermal source used to heat a multitude of Solids, Liquids & Gases. They can be fabricated straight or formed into complex formations according to customer requirements. Maltec Tubular Heaters are electric resistance heater with coiled resistance wire, highly compacted magnesium oxide and stainless sheath. They are the most reliable, versatile and best-suited heating solution for every conceivable type of heating application. Dpstar manufactured tubular heaters and our Sales/Engineering Team are available to assist in specifying the proper electric tubular heater configuration.


The standard element consists of an 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire which is connected to terminal pins, and centred in a metal tube. The tube is filled with high quality magnesium oxide and compressed to ensure a rapid heat transfer. The terminal pins from a non-heated section of the element well as the terminal arrangement. They are insulated from the tube by ceramic bushes. Kilowatt rating and voltage can be varied to suit each application. Our tubular heating element from the basis of all product in this catalogue. They are manufactured from high quality materials in various sheath diameters. They can be supplied straight or bent to customers’ requirement

Material sheath selection 

  • Copper
    Heating of fresh water free from chloride or other aggressive chemicals. The copper element may nickel plated to provide protection in certain applications. Maximum sheath temperature in water 180°C.
  • Incoloy 800/840
    A nickel chrome alloy used for heating liquids where resistance to stress corrosion is required. Maximum sheath temperature 850°C.
  • Stainless Steel 304
    Heating gases, where oxidation of corrosion is likely. Selection will depend on the media to be heated and the operating conditions. Maximum sheath temperature 750°C.
  • Stainless Steel 316
    Heating liquids where corrosion is likely. Selection will depend on the media to be heated and the operating conditions. Maximum sheath temperature 750°C
  • Titanium
    Heating aggressive liquids where other metal sheathed materials do not have the required corrosion resistance. Selection will depend on the chemical composition of the media to be heated. Maximum sheath temperature 500°C.


  • Metal mold, die and platen heating
  • Liquid immersion & circulation heaters
  • Furnace & oven heating
  • Comfort heating and freeze protection
  • Tank wall and pipe heating
  • Cut and seal heads on packaging equipment
  • Process air and gas heating
  • Cast into metal parts and platens
  • Thermoforming, curing, drying
  • Medical and analytical device heating

Typical Formations


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