Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Heavy Duty – Tecsis P1571 / P1580 / P1582


  • Stainless steel casing
  • Protection IP 54
  • Overload capacity, 1.3 x
  • Complies with safety requirements of EN 837-3
  • High level of shock resistance
  • Insensitive to pressure pulses and mechanical vibrations
  • High reliability and long service life due to modular construction system
  • Connection position bottom, radial or back, central

The Heavy Duty pressure gauges with diaphragm system are particularly suitable for measuring jobs where strong mechanical vibrations or pressure pulsed may arise. They comply with the accident prevention regulation on compressors (VBG 16) and thus fulfil the safety requirements of EN 837-3.

The annular fitted measuring element (diaphragm) is considerably less sensitive to pressure pulsed, vibrations and shock than other measuring elements. Furthermore, diaphragm systems have a relatively large actuating force to activate the pressure display even at low pressures. The gauges are designed and manufactured on the basis of a modular construction system, associated with increased reliability and extended service life. Heavy Duty pressure gauges with diaphragm systems are thus products which are designed especially for use in harsh conditions.


  • Compressors, turbo chargers, hydraulics, pumps
  • Automotive engineering and general mechanical engineering


Nominal Size ND 60 and ND 80
Measuring ranges 0 … 1 bar to 0 … 40 bar


Tecsis P1571/P1580/P1582 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Heavy Duty-DpstarGroup