Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Heavy Duty – Tecsis P1581 / P1589


  • Stainless steel casing
  • Protection IP 54
  • Overload capacity, 1.3 x
  • High level shock resistance
  • Insensitive to pressure pulses and mechanical vibrations
  • High reliability and long service life due to modular construction system
  • Connection position bottom, radial or back, central

The Heavy Duty pressure gauges with diaphragm system are used at measuring points with high dynamic alternating loads and strong vibrations and pulses. They comply with DIN 14421 – pressure gauges for fire-fighting pumps. These pressure gauges are used in fire-fighting pumps to DIN 14 420. The gauges are designed on the basis of a modular construction system and ensure a high level of functional safety and a long service life.


  • Fire-fighting pumps
  • Plant construction


Nominal Size ND 80 according to DIN 14 421
Measuring ranges 0 … 25 bar or -1 … 0 … 25 bar


Tecsis P1581/P1589 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Heavy Duty-DpstarGroup