Mechanical Pressure Gauges | High Pressure – Tecsis P1710 / P1714


  • Equipped with safety glass, blow out plug and restrictor
  • Accuracy class 1.6 (EN 837-1)
  • All stainless steel version compatible with most chemicals
  • Measuring system of high corrosion-resistant material
  • Vibration-free display and long service life through glycerine filling
  • Connection position bottom, radial

The hard conditions and the high demands on pressure measurement in test benches and machine and apparatus construction are solved easily by the all stainless steel pressure gauges. In the production high-grade materials are used such as stainless steel and NiSpan for the measuring system. This ensures resistance to aggressive media and environments. The safety execution of the pressure gauges comprises a laminated safety glass, blow-out plug on the back wall and a reduction in the diameter of the pressure channel. The case and other components are made of stainless steel.


  • Machine and apparatus construction
  • Special machinery and pumps


Nominal Size ND 100 and ND 160
Measuring ranges 0 … 1600 bar to 0 … 4000 bar


Tecsis P1710/P1714 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges | High Pressure-DpstarGroup