Mechanical Pressure Gauges | High Pressure – Tecsis P1718


  • Protection type IP65
  • 1.1 x overload capacity
  • Application up to end of scale value
  • Stainless steel measuring system
  • Accuracy class 1.0 % ASME B40
  • Inexpensive and reliable due
  • Connection position bottom, radial

Pressure gauges of the comprehensive Heavy Duty range can be used in all applications where measuring accuracy, reproducible and long term stability are important.

They are manufactured on the basis of the modular construction system which brings advantages of quality and price. These pressure gauges can be used with liquids or gases that are not highly viscous and do not attack copper alloys or crystallize. With a large choice of options the gauges can be adapted to special requirements.

All tecsis Heavy Duty pressure gauges are designed according to the general international recommendations for measuring systems and consider the requirements for specific applications and technical standards (EN 837-1).


  • Water cutting machines
  • High pressure test benches and pumps
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Apparatus construction


Nominal size ND 148 (4.5 inch)
Measuring ranges min. 0 … 1400 bar
max. 0 … 4000 bar


Tecsis P1718 Mechanical Pressure Gauges – High Pressure-DpstarGroup