Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Higher Corrosion Resistance – Tecsis P2600


  • Static pressure and overloading to 100 bar,
    optionally to 250 or 400 bar
  • Measuring cell in corrosion-resistant material,
    high grade stainless steel
  • Fastening bezel replaceable on the site
  • Compact version, easy fitting
  • With or without contact device,
    option: can be fitted in retrospect on the site
  • Connection right and left to the side and offset

These differential pressure measuring instruments with magnetic piston take the application conditions into full consideration and meet the demands set in the gas, water and air supply sectors and for the treatment of such media. These measuring instruments are suitable for liquid and gaseous media insofar as these are not highly viscous and do not crystallize. Moreover, they must not contain magnetic material. Differential pressure measuring instruments with electric contacts are suitable for controlling and regulating process sequences by means of the given process pressure.


The magnetic piston separates the measured media chambers + and – in which the different pressure ratios are given. The magnetic piston moves axially and supports itself on the measuring range spring due to the different pressure ratios (differential pressure). A ring magnet is provided on the instrument pointer which follows the magnetic piston so that each position of the piston is allocated to a defined pointer position.

The constructive design allows complete mechanical separation of the measuring system from the display and prevents any leakage to the outside. The flow from the + to the – measured media chamber is minimal in volume because of the constructive design and does not interfere in normal applications. A fine filter is to be provided in front of the + measured media chamber in the case of measured media containing a high proportion of floating particles.


  • Filter plants, pipeline systems
  • Valve and pump monitoring
  • Gas, water and air supply lines


Nominal size ND 80
Measuring ranges 0 … 400 mbar to 0 … 10 bar


Tecsis P2600 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Higher Corrosion Resistance-DpstarGroup