Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Precision Gauges – Tecsis P1883


  • Window glass lens
  • 1.3-fold overpressure capability
  • Accuracy class 0.6 (acc. to EN 837-1)
  • Exact readings, small scale graduation
  • Connection position bottom radial

These precision pressure gauges are manufactured to highest standards and are used to test pressure in research and development, in laboratories and quality assurance. The precision test gauges have a high-grade measuring element. The pressure proportional elastic deformation of this Bourdon tube is transmitted through a low friction movement to the knife edge pointer. Test gauges are suitable for measuring of nonaggressive gaseous and liquid media, although this may not be to viscous or be susceptible to crystallization. Accuracy can be proved by means of calibration certificate acc. to DIN 55 350 Part 18 type M against surcharge.


  • Precision monitoring in processing plants
  • Control and adjustment of pressure gauges
  • Test equipment


Nominal Size ND 250
Measuring ranges 0 … 0.6 bar to 0 … 1600 bar


Tecsis P1883 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Precision Gauges-DpstarGroup